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About us
last modification: 2018-11-11 08:58
About Enqine
Welcome everybody on our "about us" page.
In short: it's a very small independent and privately funded search engine.
We aim to provide an alternative to other big search engines,
we have build our own algorithms and indexing scripts and so our search results should be different from what other search engines presents.
Not better, hopefully not worse, different. ( Query Engine ) is still evolving and growing. Formerly, name change was dictated by having a clean name not associated with other sphider products as they are similar in use but totally different in build and architecture. So as independent and standalone product it should have name not associated with.
Autonomous search engine, with all of it's components like crawling bots, smart index algorithm and easy search panel. Index (b)(m)illions of pages and serve that completely anonymously to any site visitor for free. No 3rd party ads that gather information about user, no recording of IP's, geolocation nor any other data that can be associated with one user.
That's right, is anonymous search engine with it's own core database, not reliant on third party structure like Bing or Google.
Any queries please contact by email
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